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Emergency Concrete Lifting: Responding to Urgent Repairs for Public Safety

Are you experiencing concrete settling outside your home? Generally, people use this material for their walkways, driveways, and garage floors. While it has many benefits like sturdiness, it can experience many problems.

You might have seen cracks or gaps in your concrete foundations or slabs. Are they harmful? The short answer is yes. That is why you need urgent concrete repairs. Let’s look at it in detail:

Why Do You Need Urgent Concrete Repairs?

Here are three reasons why you need timely driveway repairs or other concrete services:

1.   Carbonation

Carbonation is one of the biggest factors that occur in damaged concrete. It refers to the reduction of concrete’s pH levels. That means it becomes more vulnerable to moisture.

2.   Corrosion

Many concrete structures use steel or other metal. While it is good for foundational support, there are some downsides. Firstly, cracks and gaps in concrete release their internal moisture. It damages the steel with corrosion.

3.   Expansion

One of the worst side effects of concrete cracks and gaps is its expansion. The damage extends to nearby concrete as well. That is why experts recommend packing the nearby structures as the first step.

4.   Accidents

Damaged concrete causes raised footings. It can be a significant problem, especially in commercial places. These areas have more vehicle traffic that can be disrupted, causing accidents and crashes.

5.   Delays

In a workplace, efficiency matters the most. Many warehouses and inventories use concrete as their flooring options. Cracks and raised footings can lead to work disruptions and delays.

timely driveway repairs

How to Get Emergency Concrete Lifting?

There are various DIY solutions that you can use. That includes minimizing moisture and isolating the damaged concrete. Besides that, you can use polyurethane foam for cracks and unlevel footing. Although it works effectively, it is not recommended if you are inexperienced. Polyurethane foam injection is an excellent technique, but requires protective gear to work due to its mild toxicity.

Thus, we recommend consulting a professional for this job. A team of expert individuals can inspect your area and identify the problem. Based on their inspection, they can determine the best solution.

So, you should always consult an experienced and reputable concrete contractor Manitoba before DIY solutions. Otherwise, you can increase the problem’s severity, resulting in additional costs and time-consuming. You have reliable service providers, like Boost Concrete Lifting, to assist you with any problem regarding concrete!

Who Should Get Concrete Lifting Services?

Here’s a list of places that are recommended for urgent and fast-track concrete lifting services:

●     Houses

●     Warehouses

●     Roads

●     Factories

●     Ports

●     Airports

●     Offices

●     Personal & Commercial Driveways

●     Parking Lots

●     Flyovers

●     Heavy machinery handling facilities

urgent concrete repairs


And that’s all you need to know about urgent concrete repairs. If you are facing problems with concrete, consider solving them as quickly as possible. Remember that these issues can expand, causing nearby concrete to face the same problems. That is why timely repairs and maintenance of your concrete via a professional service provider is highly recommended.



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